The Someday Team

Core Project Team

David Jacobs
Project Director

Chris Widdup
Project Manager

Helena Muhammad
Operations Manager

João Imai
Media and Technical Manager

Henry Bennison
Project and Production Coordinator

Jenny Proctor
Operations and Outreach Coordinator

Louise Evans
Finance Coordinator

Paora Joseph
Te Reo and Tikanga Māori Consultant

Workshop Facilitators

Paora Joseph
Film-maker from Taranaki, now based on Waiheke Island

Emily McDowell
Film-maker based in Wellington

James Samuel
Sustainability Educator based in Motueka

Sonya Sedgwick
Environschools Facilitator based in Hawkes Bay

Komako Silver
Film-maker based in Auckland

Awanui Simich-Pene
Film-maker based in Auckland

Jerry Tauamiti
Film and television director based in Auckland

Chris Widdup
Project Manager, The Outlook for Someday

Simon Williams
Photographer and Sustainability Educator based in Central Otago