Make a short film

On any camera you like
Any genre you like
Any length up to 5 minutes
Anyone up to the age of 24 can enter

The Someday Challenge

The challenge is to make a short film about sustainability.

The Entry Deadline in 2017 is 8 September.

You can make your film individually or in a team.

And it's up to you how you interpret ‘sustainability'. Check out the promo for what it can mean. What does it mean for you?

The list of Special Awards (below) may also give you an idea.

Anyone up to the age of 24 can enter the Someday Challenge.

In 2017 that means anyone born in 1993 or later who is a Citizen or Resident of New Zealand or studying or working lawfully in New Zealand.

If you have a question about the film challenge the first place to look is the FAQ page. If the answer isn't there please contact us or ask your question in the Forum or on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more details about the Someday Challenge in 2017.

The Someday Awards 2016

At The Someday Awards red-carpet ceremony on 8 December 2016 there were prizes and certificates for the maker(s) of the 20 Winning Films.

The Body Shop Standout Winner and NZ On Air Audience Favourite were announced at the ceremony.

The ceremony also revealed which film had won of each of the 20 Special Awards: